The TDS group has been a specialist in the surface treatment of metals for more than 90 years,
It has two production sites in Rhone-Alps region, certified ISO 9001, with more than 40 employees to help you:
TDS 69  in Genas (69) and TDS 73 to Grésin (73)
We carry out many different treatments:
Chemical nickel and electrolytic
Galvanizing, all finishes
Copper plating
Treatments are carried out on parts ranging from 3 diameters in length up to3 meters, on a batch a large series.
Our customers supply multiple sectors of activity: automotive, electrical, medical, building, railway, leisure …
Together we work daily to be competitive and reactive and provide the best serve for industrial fabric by trying to meet all of their needs.
The TDS group provides transport and logistics for the customers’ orders in the Rhone-Alps region.
For any information, please contact us.